For the period of February 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017

    Prepared by: Texarkana Radio Center LLC


    This report covers the following employment unit:

    Call Sign     Facility ID Number     Type of Station     Location                   LMA

    KTFS       33541                            FM                          Texarkana, AR

    KBYB      33762                            FM                           Hope, AR

    KTFS      33542                            AM                          Texarkana, TX

    KCMC    33729                           AM                          Texarkana, TX

    KTOY     31348                           FM                            Texarkana, TX

    KTTY      165971                         FM                            New Boston, TX

    A.  The following is a list of all vacancies for full-time jobs during the period of February1, 2016 through January 31, 2017:

    Job Title                                      Dates of Opening                          Date Filled

    Account Executive                     6/1/16                                            6/16/16   

    Account Executive                     9/1/16                                            9/16/16

    On-Air Talent                            10/1/16                                           11/1/16

    B.   During the period of February 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017, the following recruitment sources were contacted as vacancies for full-time job openings.  Those marked with an (*) asterisk were organizations that requested to be contacted as job openings occurred.

    Recruitment Sources                  Address                     Contact Person                   Telephone Number 

    1.  Texarkana Radio                   615  Olive St                      John McCoy                         903-793-4671

    KTFS Hot AC                          Texarkana, TX  75501


    2.  Texarkana Radio                   615  Olive St                      John McCoy                         903-793-4671

    KBYB Country                        Texarkana, TX  75501 Texarkana Radio                   615  Olive St    


    3.  Texarkana Radio                   615  Olive St                      John McCoy                         903-793-4671

    KTFS News Talk                    Texarkana, TX  75501


    4.  Texarkana Radio                   615  Olive St                      John McCoy                         903-793-4671

    KCMC Adult Hits                  Texarkana, TX  75501


    5.  Texarkana Radio                   615  Olive St                      John McCoy                         903-793-4671

    KTOY Urban                           Texarkana, TX  75501 Texarkana Radio                                      


    6.  Texarkana Radio                   615  Olive St                      John McCoy                         903-793-4671

    KTTTY Adult Hits                   Texarkana, TX  75501


    7.  Texarkana Workforce         1702 Hampton Rd             Doris Gardner                      903-793-4163  

    Center                                         Texarkana, TX  75503


    8.  Texarkana Workforce         1702 Hampton Rd             AR Older Workers               903-793-4163  

    Center                                         Texarkana, TX  75503


    9.  Texarkana Workforce         1702 Hampton Rd             Randy Reed                          903-793-4163  

    Center                                         Texarkana, TX  75503


    10. Texarkana Workforce         1702 Hampton Rd             Experience Works               903-793-4163  

    Center                                         Texarkana, TX  75503. 


    11. Texarkana Workforce         1702 Hampton Rd             Veterans Program               903-793-4163  

    Center                                         Texarkana, TX  75503. 


    12. Texarkana Chamber          819 State Line Av                 Mike Malone                      903-792-7191

    Of Commerce                            Texarkana, TX 755


    13. Texarkana College            2500 Robinson Road            Counseling Dept                903-838-4541

                                                       Texarkana, TX  75599


    14. Texarkana College            2500 Robinson Road            Black Student Assoc         903-838-4541

                                                       Texarkana, TX  75599


    15. TAMUT                              P.O. Box 5518                        Deana Stinson                   903-838-4541

                                                       Texarkana, TX  75505.


    16. TAMUT                              P.O. Box 5518                        Multi Culture Center      903-838-4541

                                                       Texarkana, TX  75505


    17. TAMUT                             P.O. Box 5518                        Carol Langston                 903-838-4541

                                                     Texarkana, TX  75505


    18. Texas Association          P.O. Box 7621                       Greg Beck                            903-794-1859

    of Vietnam Vets                   Texarkana, TX  75505


    19. UACCH                            2500 South Main                  Casey Curtis                         870-777-5722

                                                    Hope AR


    20. NAACP                             P.O. Box 1275                       Job Recruitment                903-334-8066

                                                    Texarkana, TX 75504


    21. Texas Association        502 East 11th St. Ste 200     Craig Bean                             512-322-9944

    of Broadcasters                   Austin, TX  78701


    22. Arkansas                        22004 Ark Valley Dr # 403  Doug Krile                            501-227-7564

    Broadcasters Assoc            Little Rock AR  72212


    23. Texarkana Gazette     315 Pine St                               Russ McDermott               903-794-3311

                                                 Texarkana, TX  75501


    24.  Hope Star                   522 West 3rd St                        Marcia Hunt                       870-777-8841

                                                 Hope, Ar 71802


    25. City Federation           831 Laurel

    Of Black Women               Texarkana, AR  71854


    C.  The following is a list of the sources for full-time jobs shown in Section A above and the recruitment source which provided the hiree for that position.


          Job Title                                                                 Recruitment Source

    Account Executive                                                      5.  KTOY Radio Ad

    Account Executive                                                      2. KBYB Radio Ad

    On-Air Talent                                                               2. KBYB Radio Ad


    D.  During the period of February 1, 2016 through January 31st 2017 there were a total of 7 people interviewed for the vacancies for full-time positions.  The following is a list of the total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source shown in Section B above. EEO


          Recruitment Source                                            Total Number of Interviewees

    1    Radio Ad – KTFS FM                                                         1

    2.   Radio Ad – KBYB FM                                                        1

    3.   Radio Ad – KTFS AM                                                        2

    4.   Radio Ad – KCMC AM    

    5.   Radio Ad – KTOY FM                                                        1

    6.   Radio Ad – KTTY FM

    7.  Texarkana Workforce Center

    8.  Texarkana Workforce Center

    9.  Texarkana Workforce Center

    10. Texarkana Workforce Center                                  

    11. Texarkana Workforce Center.

    12. Texarkana Chamber of Commerce

    13. Texarkana College

    14. Texarkana College

    15. TAMUT

    16. TAMUT

    17. TAMUT

    18. Texas Association of Vietnam Vets

    19. UACCH

    20. NAACP

    21. Texas Association of Broadcasters

    22. Arkansas Broadcasters Association

    23. Texakana Gazette

    24. Hope Star

    25. City Federation of Black Women

    26. Texarkana Workforce Job Fair

    27. Employee Referral                                                                    1

    28. Walk-In                                                                                       1

    29. Word of Mouth

    30. Customer Referral

    31. Internal Promotions Interviews

    32. Exigent Circumstances

    33. Vendor Referral


    E.  During the period of February 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017 the station employment unit engaged in the following ( menu option ) initiatives ( provide full details, including an explanation if no such initiatives were conducted during the period involved).


    Prong 3 Menu Option


    1.  Texarkana Radio Center participated in promoting a Teachers Job Fair at Texas A & M University Texarkana on Tuesday, April 12th from 6:45-8:15 p.m at Eagle Hall, University Center. TRC radio stations aired interviews promoting the event, and public service announcements on how to improve job skills and employment changes across the area.


    2. Texarkana Radio Center participated in the 18th Annual College and Career Fair on Wednesday, October 26th and Thursday, October 27th from 8:30 until 3 pm each day.  The event hosted by the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce was held at Texas A & M University Texarkana.  Operations Manager John McCoy met with job seekers and discussed possible careers in broadcasting.


    3. Texarkana Radio Center participated in the 5th Annual Texas Workforce Commission Statewide Hiring Red, White & You event on Thursday, November 10th at the Texarkana, Texas Convention Center.  Operations Manager John McCoy met with job seekers and discussed possible careers in broadcasting.

    4. All Texarkana Radio Center Stations participated in the Arkansas Broadcasters Association scholarship program, which provides scholarships each year to Arkansas State University in Jonesboro Arkansas, one of the premiere broadcast colleges in the nation, for students interested in a career in broadcasting.  PSA’s were aired on all stations promoting the availability of the scholarship applications at the Texarkana Radio Center offices.


    Name of Respondent: 



    Typed Name: John McCoy  

    Title:  EEO Officer & Operations Manager

    Date: March 31, 2016

    Telephone: 903-793-4671                                 EEO / Public File

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