Secret Sound

    Lacy Henthorn from DeQueen is our latest Big Big Money Secret Sound winner - she won $251 when she correctly identified the sound as putting a trash bag into a trash can!
    So now we have a NEW SOUND ... listen below and sign up to play!

    The Sound

    Weekday mornings at 7:20 with HOT FM - it's your chance to score big cash! 
    Correctly identify the sound and you win all the money!
    Click play above to hear the current Secret Sound. Listen as many times as you need, and if you think you know what it is, enter below for a chance to play and win!

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    Get set to win the HOT FM Big Money Secret Sound. Fill out the the info below and that's all you need to do ... then Greg and Sharon will call you to play! Good luck and thanks for listening.

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    Contest Rules

    Incorrect Guesses

    Dragging a straw through a plastic lid

    Stacking cups

    Twisting balloon animals

    Tipping ice from a cup

    Screwing a jar on a lid

    Some Solo cups rubbing together

    Slurping the last bit of a drink out of a cup

    Stacking Solo cups

    Cleaning glass

    Dragging a record player needle across a record

    Pencils or pens clanging around in a cup

    Crumpling an empty plastic bottle

    A rabbit eating a carrot

    Writing on a chalkboard or blackboard

    A rubber band being wrapped around a plastic cup

    Jumping on a trampoline

    Using a bubble gum machine

    Using a bow drill

    A pinball in a pinball machine

    Shuffling papers on a desk

    A porch swing

    Scraping the last bit of something out of a jar

    Ice dispensing from a fridge into a cup

    Tying up a balloon

    Rolling a dice out of a Yahtzee cup

    A pig rooting around

    Air trapped in a water line

    Shuffling solo cups

    Chopping ice with a straw through the lid of a cup

    Putting veggies in the chopper

    Balloons rubbing together

    Dropping ice into a glass

    Playing the cup game

    An old school (wooden) turkey call

    Stacking dice in a cup

    Opening a Pringles can

    An air hockey puck getting scored

    A talkie box call, but not making the full sound

    A horse drawn carriage, going along the street

    Twisting a styrofoam cup on a table

    Sliding a cup on a countertop or table

    Refilling a cup dispenser

    Rattling deer horns

    Pulling a ticket from a dispenser

    Loading a VCR tape

    A popcorn machine

    Ice from an ice machine going into a cup

    Someone raising a flag

    A person spinning a top

    Blowing bubbles into a soda can

    A possum digging in a recycling container

    Shaking pencils in a solo cup

    A dog hanging his head out the window and its lips flapping in the wind

    Putting poker chips into the middle of the table

    Sliding a straw in and out of a McDonald's cup

    Taking a scraper and scraping on a door

    Thread being pulled from a wooden spool by a sewing machine

    Shaking ice in a plastic cup

    Shaking cream of mushroom soup (or something similar) out of a can

    A dog scratching at the door

    Fast forwarding or rewinding a tape

    A cup falling in an automatic cup machine

    Shaking dice in a cup, like playing Yahtzee

    Sneakers walking across a wet floor

    Sport stacking (cups)

    Using an old fashioned sifter

    Using a Rubik's cube

    Unscrewing the lid on a jar

    An old coffee percolator finishing up

    An adding machine or cash register, feeding the paper out at the end

    Fast forwarding an audio recording

    Crumpling a disposable bottle

    A horse eating an apple

    Crushing a can slowly

    Putting a phone in a cup holder

    Using a magic marker on a whiteboard

    Using an industrial paper cutter

    Shuffling cups and one falls

    Rubber boots rubbing together

    Rubbing two sticks together, trying to start a fire

    Using an old fashioned pencil sharpener

    Pulling out packing tape from the dispenser and putting it on the box

    Scraping something out of a can

    Stacking a dishwasher

    Opening a Pringles can

    Opening a box

    Sucking the rest of a drink out of a cup

    A hen clucking

    An automatic card shuffler

    Screwing a lid on or off a plastic container really fast

    A chicken in a cup (not a real chicken, silly!)

    Chalking a cue stick

    The photo coming out of a polaroid camera

    Taking the top off a metal water bottle

    Shuffling things around in a desk

    An old camera shutter sound

    Turning off windshield wipers

    Putting a rubber band on a balloon

    Opening a can with a pull tab

    A typewriter

    A soda machine dispensing a cup

    A straw hitting the bottom of a foam cup and slurping out the drink

    Balloons rubbing together while cups are shuffling on the table

    Splashing water

    A copier or printer printing out some papers

    Using a manual can opener

    Someone playing basketball

    A cord being retracted back into a spring-loaded reel

    A chicken scratching and eating

    Screwing a lid on and off

    Someone writing or drawing on a balloon

    A turkey in a box

    Stirring a straw around in a cup

    A turkey call box used in hunting

    Somebody rubbing two cups together

    Styrofoam packaging being removed from a box

    Ice in a cup

    Stacking red solo cups

    A vending machine dispensing a drink

    A pop tube being pulled apart or put together

    Removing a fountain drink lid from the compartment

    A small animal crawling in a tree

    Opening a can of Spam

    Putting a lid on a foam cup

    Changing either a paper towel or toilet paper roll

    Popping bubble wrap

    Physically shaking a straw in a to-go cup



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