Secret Sound

    Whoa! A THIRD winner in 2018 ... you guys are killing it!!
    Virginia Quinonez from Nashville kicked her 2018 off right when won $1,381 on January 8 when she guessed the sound was running in corduroy pants!
    And then Derek Whisenhunt from Delight won $121 when he correctly guessed the next sound as sharpening a pencil!
    And now ... congratulations to April Almand from Prescott who just won $151 by telling us the sound was using an icepick!

      So now we have ANOTHER NEW SOUND ... good luck!

    The Sound
    Weekday mornings at 7:20 with the HOT FM Morning Crew - it's your chance to score big cash!  
    Correctly identify the sound and you win all the money! (Don't play the sound too loudly ... it's supposed to be soft.)
    Click Play above to hear the current Secret Sound. Listen as many times as you need, and if you think you know what it is, enter below for a chance to play and win!

    Enter To Play

    Get set to win the HOT FM Big Money Secret Sound. Fill out the the info below and that's all you need to do ... then Cliff and Sharon will call you to play! Good luck and thanks for listening.


    Incorrect Guesses

    Closing a book

    Someone stapling paper

    Popping something really softly

    A snare drum

    A car door shutting

    Striking a lighter

    Somebody thumping somebody

    A kiss (like a smacking kiss)

    A soft footstep

    Hitting a fly with a shoe, against a table or a wall

    Somebody stomping their foot

    Beating on a wooden barrel with a bat

    A typewriter key being pressed

    Striking a match on a matchbox

    Dropping a bag

    Ticking of the hands on a clock

    Falling snow

    Automatic car locks on a car

    Taking a picture with a camera

    Opening a pocket knife

    A mailbox closing

    Snapping your fingers


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