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    Congratulations to Joyce Camp from Stamps who won $416 when she guessed the sound - pouring sugar into a measuring cup or bowl.
    Good luck with this sound!
    The Sound
    Weekday mornings at 7:20 with the HOT FM Morning Crew - it's your chance to score big cash!  
    Correctly identify the sound and you win all the money! 
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    Incorrect Guesses

    A pig eating

    Scrubbing a potato

    A phone in someone's pocket when they've pocket dialed you

    Throwing file folders on a table

    An air compressor that you plug into your cigarette lighter to air up your tire

    Somebody driving on a flat tire

    A washing machine

    Opening and closing an umbrella to get the rain off it

    Swishing mouthwash in your mouth

    Starting up a washing machine

    Shaking a bag of popcorn

    Somebody running while they're wearing a wind breaker

    Cleaning your boots on a mat

    Somebody sandpapering something

    Shaking a cup of ice

    A loose tarp blowing in the wind

    Someone shaking ice in a cup

    A cat scratching in a cat box

    Shaking a rug outside

    Shaking chicken in a paper bag with the flour before you fry it

    Horses trotting down the road

    Somebody polishing shoes

    The heartbeat on an ultrasound

    A hydraulic pump lifting something

    A flag flying and flapping in the wind

    Sifting flour

    The fan going in a big wind turbine

    Shaking a trash bag

    Something tumbling in a dryer

    Driving down the interstate with the wind blowing through an open back window

    A train starting up on a train track or going on a train track

    Taking off a jacket

    A newspaper printing press, shuffling the papers out of the press

    Going through an automatic car wash

    Windshield wipers going in a storm

    Windshield wipers going

    A record player getting hung up at the end

    Shaking mud or snow off clothes 

    A dog scratching

    A dog scratching its fleas

    Shaking a bag

    Shaking a box of cereal

    Using an old fashioned hand saw

    Shaking something in a box

    A cat scratching in a litter box

    When you're changing the sheets on your bed and trying to get the pillow into the pillowcase

    Using a sewing machine

    A dishwasher going through its cycle

    Walking a dog through leaves

    A pressure cooker, cooking meat or vegetables

    A copier machine spitting out paper

    A bird flapping its wings

    Sweeping carpet

    A horse drawn carriage

    A dog eating its dog food out of a bowl

    Scrubbing clothes on a washing board

    Running in snow 

    Making a snow angel

    Shaking rice in a bottle

    Someone knocking on a screen door

    A percolator coffee maker making percolated coffee

    Shaking pork chops in a pan

    Shaking beans or rice in a bag

    Running in jogging pants

    Driving on a flat tire

    Soldiers double time marching

    Someone washing their hands

    Someone running on rocks

    Someone cutting an onion or a lettuce on a cutting board

    Shaking a bag

    Withdrawing money from an ATM

    A copier spitting out paper

    Helicopter blades turning

    A parka flapping in the wind

    Shuffling your feet through rocks or snow

    The spin cycle on a washing machine when it's unbalanced

    Shaking dice in a game cup

    A printing press printing money

    A wet dog shaking off

    Windshield wipers, wiping away water

    Sanding something down

    Shaking a microphone in a bag

    Soldiers running in fatigues

    Someone running in a wind suit

    The heartbeat in an ultrasound

    A copier trying to pick up paper

    Someone paddle boarding

    An embroidery machine, embroidering

    Printing a page off a printer

    Putting a pillow in a pillowcase and shaking it

    Flipping through pages in a book

    Scrubbing pots and pans

    Shaking a mixed drink in a cocktail shaker

    An old wooden roller coaster, going up a hill real slow

    Running mail through a postage machine

    The tumbler on a washing machine

    A sprinkler system in a car wash

    Something shaking in a bag

    Shaking sugar in a sugar bowl (as a follow up to the previous sound)

    Shaking feed in a paper sack

    Putting tickets into a ticket counter, like at Chuck-e-Cheese

    An ice chest full of ice and drinks being shaken around

    A railroad car going down the tracks

    A water sprinkler

    Scrubbing clothes on a washboard

    Plunging a sink or a toilet

    Bouncing a balloon on a rubber band off your hand

    Someone dealing cards

    Rubbing your hands together to warm them up

    Some kind of meat being battered and shaken in a bag

    A square hay baler

    Buffing shoes after polishing them

    Someone shaking a bag of cat food

    When you jump in a pool and you get out and run around, the sound of wet shorts

    The agitator in a washing machine swishing clothes around

    A towel flapping in the wind

    Shaking maracas

    A pepper mill grinding pepper

    Grating cheese

    A home made ice cream machine

    A dog scratching on a door

    The hand of a movie reel flapping

    A train passing on tracks

    Parking digging on the game Minecraft

    Shaking juice or milk in a bottle or jug

    A washing machine washing on the wrong level

    Shaking a jug of orange juice or chocolate milk

    A weaving loom

    Rain gushing out of a gutter

    A copier machine making copies

    A boat running across the water

    An athlete running on a track

    A rollercoaster getting started, getting ready to go down the tracks

    Running on a treadmill

    A printing press printing

    Churning butter

    Shaking dirt or gravel

    Pieces of paper rubbing together

    A dog digging in the yard

    A snow cone machine

    Punching a slightly deflated balloon 

    Spraying a spray bottle

    Shaking maracas

    Drying lettuce with a salad spinner

    Feed going through a feed line in a mill

    Somebody hanging their phone up, putting it in their pocket and taking off running

    A paint shaker

    An old tractor pulling a trailer

    An airplane getting ready to start up

    A dog panting

    Somebody swinging a switch back and forth

    Someone running in leaves

    An electric pea sheller

    A steam engine running

    Something scratching in the walls

    Shaking a bag of sugar

    A box of Nerds being shaken

    Shaking some type of liquid in a bottle

    Someone fluffing sheets to make a bed

    A card shuffler or money shuffler

    Cutting something with a hand saw

    Erasing an old chalk board

    Someone on a pogo stick

    A knife paletting on a canvas

    A dog digging out

    Using an old fashioned whisk broom and cleaning upholstery or carpet

    Paper being rubbed together

    Pouring pasta into boiling water

    Scratching your pant leg

    A steam train going down a hill

    Washing golf balls in a golf ball washer

    Using an old school metal sifters where you crank the handle

    Scraping a spatula across a pan, cleaning it off

    Using an old calculator

    A water sprinkler system

    A bird's wing flapping

    An umpire sweeping off the base

    Testing a microphone by rubbing it on something like clothes

    A flag, flapping in the wind

    Someone scratching off a scratch-off lottery ticket

    Somebody dragging their socks against the carpet

    A wire brush on a piece of tin

    Scraping burnt toast

    Someone panning for gold

    Erasing something off paper

    A sheet flapping in the wind on the clothesline

    Somebody shaking a jigsaw puzzle in a box

    Someone trying to pump water from an old well pump

    Somebody scrubbing floors with a scrubbing brush

    Hitting two sanding blocks together

    Adding paper to a calculator

    The spin cycle slowing down

    Running through the woods with all your [hunting] gear on

    Unwrapping a burger

    Running through gravel

    The swishing of an auto car wash

    Shaking a Christmas present

    Swishing water in your mouth

    Clothes washing in a washing machine

    A baby's heartbeat on an ultrasound

    Using a lint roller on your clothes

    Shaking a box of packing peanuts

    Someone trying to rub something off their pants

    Stopping a straight razor

    Typing really hard on an old fashioned typewriter

    Chopping onions or veggies in a hand chopper

    Slapping back and forth sound when you're drying your back with a towel

    Shaking a box of wooden matches

    Getting your boots or shoes shined with a brush

    Shaking a bag of chips

    Getting paper towels from a paper towel dispenser

    Someone flapping sheets in the wind our outside

    Shaking something in a box

    An automatic paper folding machine

    Someone putting a trash bag into a trash can

    A flag flapping in the wind

    A steam train taking off

    An ATM dispensing money

    A seatbelt flapping against the cab of a vehicle

    Playing Minecraft

    Rice on a drum

    A coin machine

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp game

    Twisting a lid on a soda bottle

    Air powered staple gun

    Shaking the bucket of ice in your freezer

    Jazz brushes on a snare drum


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