Secret Sound

    So far this year we've had SIX SEVEN winners of the HOT FM Big Money Secret Sound - you could be next thanks to Orr Hyundai!
    Listen to the sound below and sign up to play!
    PLUS every player wins a gift card for a dozen
    delicious donuts from Shorty's Donuts!!!
    Our latest winner, Allison Girt, is an elementary school teacher
    and apart from the $406 from the Big Money Secret Sound,
    she also just won Greg & Sharon's $1000 Minute!
    We think Allison should buy a lottery ticket!!
    So now, a brand new sound.

    The Sound

    We play the Big Money Secret Sound weekday mornings at 7:20 with HOT FM - it's your chance to score big cash! Correctly identify the sound and you win all the money in the jackpot which increases with every incorrect guess!
    Click play above to hear the current Secret Sound. Listen as many times as you need, and if you think you know what it is, enter below for a chance to play and win!
    Enter To Play

    Get set to win the HOT FM Big Money Secret Sound. Fill out the the info below and that's all you need to do ... then Cliff and Sharon will text you to arrange a convenient time for them call you to play! Good luck and thanks for listening.


    Incorrect Guesses

    Dragging and dropping something

    Closing a trash can lid

    Sliding and closing a glass door

    Opening and closing a notebook

    Windshield wipers swishing off the rain

    Dragging a hope chest and closing the lid

    The white noise at the end of a vinyl record

    A shuffleboard disc sliding and then hitting

    When a dog goes through a dog door and the door magnetically closes

    A match being struck or lit

    Ocean waves hitting the shore

    An air door closing and clicking shut

    Someone butt dialing and then hanging up

    Something crawling across paper

    A tape measure retracting

    Pulling up your undergarments and the snap of elastic

    Taking a drink out of an ice chest and closing the lid

    Lighting a cutting torch and then it going out if you didn't light it properly

    Something being put in hot grease

    An RV toilet flushing

    A refrigerator door opening and closing

    A window sliding shut

    A sling shot

    Pouring cereal into a bowl

    Spraying some air

    A paper cutter, cutting paper

    Closing a window

    Shuffling cards and dropping them on a table

    Shooting a gun

    Hitting a hockey puck

    A bow and arrow being released

    Opening or closing a car door

    An umbrella opening

    Pulling a tent (guy rope) tight

    Someone slicing an apple

    A balloon filling up and then popping

    Riding a skateboard and then kicking it up with your foot

    Opening a Coke can

    A door closing


    A photo coming out of a Polaroid camera

    Cutting a piece of Reynolds wrap with the built-in cutter

    An electric mini blind going up and then locking into place

    Pushing the button on a fan to stop it from turning

    A mailbox closing

    Tearing a piece of paper

    Walking through leaves and then stepping down

    A record switching sides

    Somebody blowing a bubble with bubblegum and then it popping

    Someone throwing snow

    Using a paper shredder

    Putting the lid on a Tupperware container, squeezing out the air and popping the other side

    Closing a dishwasher

    The base and snare on a drum machine

    Stretching a rubber band and letting it go

    Dropping something, like a jacket, on the floor

    Someone ice skating and coming to a stop, like on the side of a wall












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