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    Contest Rules

    Incorrect Guesses

    Dragging a straw through a plastic lid

    Stacking cups

    Twisting balloon animals

    Tipping ice from a cup

    Screwing a jar on a lid

    Some Solo cups rubbing together

    Slurping the last bit of a drink out of a cup

    Stacking Solo cups

    Cleaning glass

    Dragging a record player needle across a record

    Pencils or pens clanging around in a cup

    Crumpling an empty plastic bottle

    A rabbit eating a carrot

    Writing on a chalkboard or blackboard

    A rubber band being wrapped around a plastic cup

    Jumping on a trampoline

    Using a bubble gum machine

    Using a bow drill

    A pinball in a pinball machine

    Shuffling papers on a desk

    A porch swing

    Scraping the last bit of something out of a jar

    Ice dispensing from a fridge into a cup

    Tying up a balloon

    Rolling a dice out of a Yahtzee cup

    A pig rooting around

    Air trapped in a water line

    Shuffling solo cups

    Chopping ice with a straw through the lid of a cup

    Putting veggies in the chopper

    Balloons rubbing together

    Dropping ice into a glass

    Playing the cup game

    An old school (wooden) turkey call

    Stacking dice in a cup

    Opening a Pringles can

    An air hockey puck getting scored

    A talkie box call, but not making the full sound

    A horse drawn carriage, going along the street

    Twisting a styrofoam cup on a table

    Sliding a cup on a countertop or table

    Refilling a cup dispenser

    Rattling deer horns

    Pulling a ticket from a dispenser

    Loading a VCR tape

    A popcorn machine

    Ice from an ice machine going into a cup

    Someone raising a flag

    A person spinning a top

    Blowing bubbles into a soda can

    A possum digging in a recycling container

    Shaking pencils in a solo cup

    A dog hanging his head out the window and its lips flapping in the wind

    Putting poker chips into the middle of the table

    Sliding a straw in and out of a McDonald's cup

    Taking a scraper and scraping on a door

    Thread being pulled from a wooden spool by a sewing machine

    Shaking ice in a plastic cup

    Shaking cream of mushroom soup (or something similar) out of a can

    A dog scratching at the door

    Fast forwarding or rewinding a tape

    A cup falling in an automatic cup machine

    Shaking dice in a cup, like playing Yahtzee

    Sneakers walking across a wet floor

    Sport stacking (cups)

    Using an old fashioned sifter

    Using a Rubik's cube

    Unscrewing the lid on a jar

    An old coffee percolator finishing up

    An adding machine or cash register, feeding the paper out at the end

    Fast forwarding an audio recording

    Crumpling a disposable bottle

    A horse eating an apple

    Crushing a can slowly

    Putting a phone in a cup holder

    Using a magic marker on a whiteboard

    Using an industrial paper cutter

    Shuffling cups and one falls

    Rubber boots rubbing together

    Rubbing two sticks together, trying to start a fire

    Using an old fashioned pencil sharpener

    Pulling out packing tape from the dispenser and putting it on the box

    Scraping something out of a can

    Stacking a dishwasher

    Opening a Pringles can

    Opening a box

    Sucking the rest of a drink out of a cup

    A hen clucking

    An automatic card shuffler

    Screwing a lid on or off a plastic container really fast

    A chicken in a cup (not a real chicken, silly!)

    Chalking a cue stick

    The photo coming out of a polaroid camera

    Taking the top off a metal water bottle

    Shuffling things around in a desk

    An old camera shutter sound

    Turning off windshield wipers

    Putting a rubber band on a balloon

    Opening a can with a pull tab

    A typewriter

    A soda machine dispensing a cup

    A straw hitting the bottom of a foam cup and slurping out the drink

    Balloons rubbing together while cups are shuffling on the table

    Splashing water

    A copier or printer printing out some papers

    Using a manual can opener

    Someone playing basketball

    A cord being retracted back into a spring-loaded reel

    A chicken scratching and eating

    Screwing a lid on and off

    Someone writing or drawing on a balloon

    A turkey in a box

    Stirring a straw around in a cup

    A turkey call box used in hunting

    Somebody rubbing two cups together

    Styrofoam packaging being removed from a box

    Ice in a cup

    Stacking red solo cups

    A vending machine dispensing a drink

    A pop tube being pulled apart or put together

    Removing a fountain drink lid from the compartment

    A small animal crawling in a tree

    Opening a can of Spam

    Putting a lid on a foam cup

    Changing either a paper towel or toilet paper roll

    Retrieving money from an ATM

    Popping bubble wrap

    Physically shaking a straw in a to-go cup

    Pumping something into a plastic cup

    A spoon tapping a plastic to-go cup

    Windshield wipers on a dry windshield

    Turning the handle on an icecream maker

    Cutting styrofoam

    Scraping a bowl

    Chopping something in a food processor

    Popcorn popping in an air popper

    The last bit of water going down a drain

    An animal eating out of a plastic food bowl

    Cutting a can

    Shuffling cards

    Screwing in or unscrewing a light bulb

    PVC pipes rubbing together

    A Plinko machine/game

    Stacking Russian nesting dolls

    A jukebox changing the record

    Drinking out of an almost empty cup

    A DJ 'scratching' or 'scrubbing' a record on a player

    Someone running down the road with their cell phone in their pocket (butt dial)

    Closing a styrofoam container

    A kid's wagon rolling down a hill

    An excited turkey flapping its wings

    A horse's hooves on concrete as it comes to a stop

    A backwards turkey gobble

    Stretching an accordian straw in and out

    Playing kick the can

    A squeaky chicken

    A GoPro underwater

    Using a sharpie to write on a plastic or styrofoam cup

    An old time paper cutter

    Cutting open a toy from plastic packaging

    Cutting a plastic cup with scissors

    A golf ball in a golf ball washer

    Cranking open a window in an old car

    Washing windows with newspaper

    A zipper getting caught

    Cups in the soda dispensary

    Pumping a sprayer

    Shaking candy in a cup

    A styrofoam cup going on the table

    A printer starting up

    A camel drinking

    Putting the lid on a styrofoam cup

    Using a salt or pepper grinder

    Scraping ice off a windshield

    Unscrewing the gas cap on a car

    Submerging a bottle underwater

    Somebody making popcorn

    A salad spinner

    A washing machine draining the water

    Writing on a window with window chalk

    Scratching a piece of plastic on an electrical outlet

    A reel to reel tape playing

    A flag flapping on a flag pole

    Twisting a door knob back and forth

    Windshield wipers going really fast

    Someone drinking from a cup

    A putt putt golf ball going into the cup

    A garbage disposal

    A pair of scissors cutting a red solo cup

    Dialling an old rotary phone

    An automatic cup dispenser

    Using a mortar and pestle

    Taking a microphone off the stand and laying it on a table

    Sharpening a knife on a whetstone

    Putting the lid on a to-go cup

    Running with a body cam

    Grinding ingredients in a pestle

    Signing the electronic pad of a delivery driver

    A bill changer (like at the carwash) that gives you quarters

    The end of a reel to reel

    Your hand rubbing on the microphone of your phone

    Opening an umbrella

    A peg going into a peg board game

    Somebody messing with a headset/mic on a video call

    A chair scooting back on the floor

    Pressing on an empty ice maker on a fridge

    Winding up a jack in the box and releasing it

    Screwing on or unscrewing the end of a receiver on an old rotary phone

    Closing cardboard boxes with tape

    A car window rolling up and down

    A kid playing the game Hungry Hungry Hippo

    A cup being slid around and falling over

    An air nail gun running out of nails

    A k-cup going into a Keurig

    Dropping a solo cup on a table

    A styrofoam cooler riding in a car

    Stirring sugar in a sweet tea jug

    Using a slap chop chopper

    Adjusting a microphone

    Making a noise with your mouth

    A city trash can lid being opened and closed

    Pulling a styrofoam cup from a stack of cups

    A tape measure retracting

    The needle reaching the end of the record

    Making a sucking noise on your bottom lip

    The spin cycle on a washing machine slowing down

    Screwing the lid on a mason jar

    Spraying liquid when the bottle is nearly empty

    Putting the lid on a travel coffee cup

    A cat with its head in a styrofoam cup scratching on the bottom of it

    Stacking hard plastic cups

    Cruising on a skateboard

    Opening a can of soup with a ring pull

    Sawing plastic with a knife

    Playing with an old tin toy top

    Adjusting the grommet on a desk where the cables go through

    Cutting a hard plastic jug with a dull knife

    Opening a bag of chips

    An old sardine can being opened with a key

    A Singer sewing machine

    Twisting an empty plastic bottle

    A mouse chewing on a cup

    Opening a sealed envelope

    Blowing up a balloon

    Cutting a Keystone Light can in half

    Twisting the lid off a Yeti cup

    Kicking cups across the floor

    A skateboard rolling

    Screwing the lid on a peanut butter jar

    Turning a raffle drum

    A VCR machine eating a tape

    Marbles rolling around in a tin can

    Somebody playing flip cup

    Ice dropping from the ice maker in the freezer into the container

    Someone cleaning out a drain and water running behind it

    Turning a garbage disposal on or off

    A push button puppet

    Pulling out and tearing off saran wrap

    Loading a coffee grinder

    An ad opening on a website

    Putting a Keurig pod into the machine

    Shaking maracas

    A chicken pecking on the ground

    Hitting a deck of cards against a bottle

    Vacuuming up a wet surface

    Taking the gas nozzle out of the car and putting it back on the pump

    When the printer is grabbing the paper right before it begins printing

    A coffee maker brewing coffee

    Slurping the last bit of milkshake out of a cup

    A lawn mower trying to start

    Trying to shake a little box out of a bigger box

    Trying to unstick solo cups

    Pushing a corn popper toy

    Rewinding an old cassette tape

    Putting a cassette tape into a cassette player

    A person spinning a top

    Using an old time adding machine

    A balloon being popped

    A squeaky wheel on a cart

    Someone being butt dialed

    A plastic spoon scraping the bottom of a pudding cup

    A GoPro camera going under water

    A pet going through a pet door

    Writing on a red solo cup with a sharpie

    Pulling a cork out of a bottle

    Squeezing a ketchup/mayo/mustard bottle

    Someone playing foosball

    A slushie machine going into a cup

    Someone opening a candle lid

    Boxes moving

    Wadding up a ball of aluminum foil

    Only a sound that Greg & Sharon know 🤣

    Someone moving their straw around in a cup

    A broken toy with sound with low batteries

    A bubble making machine

    A chicken coming out of a coop

    Putting the lid on a sugar container while stirring coffee

    Taking the lid of a trashcan

    Using a vegetable chopper

    Taking the lid off a mason jar

    A bartender shaking a cocktail

    An empty paper towel dispenser in the bathroom


    Putting coins in a carwash or vending machine

    A cuckoo coming out of a cuckoo clock

    Wadding or crinkling up paper

    A Corn Popper toy

    Someone washing their hands

    A cat toy where the ball goes around in a plastic circle

    Throwing a ping pong ball into a plastic cup

    Cutting up a bell pepper

    Dialling a rotary phone

    A straw scraping the bottom of a cup

    Tapping on a plastic container

    A turkey call

    Putting on a mask

    Using a vacuum sealer

    Putting the lid on a peanut butter jar

    Using an old fashioned flour sifter

    Using a lint roller

    Punching in on a time clock

    A dog going through a doggy door

    A hamster on a wheel

    A cat playing with a doorstop

    Using a pencil sharpener

    A bird flapping its wings

    Rewinding a tape

    Taking a disposable cup from a dispenser, taking a drink and then crumpling it up

    Pumping an empty soap dispenser

    Changing the batteries in a remote control

    Slurping the last bit of a drink out of a paper cup

    Picking at ice with an ice pick in a plastic container

    Bending a twisty straw

    Dragging wood on gravel

    A whirlygig

    Pulling the cord on a See and Say toy

    A filing cabinet drawer opening or closing

    Opening or closing a plastic Easter egg

    Ejecting a VHS tape

    Trying to get something out of an empty hand sanitizer bottle

    When you have a bad connection on Apple air buds

    The suction device at the dentist

    Putting something in a car cubby

    A cup going in and out of a cup holder

    Using an older ice cream maker

    Rolling up a yoga mat

    A cat playing with styrofoam

    Making balloon animals

    Rubber balloon animals being made

    A ventilator

    Ripping up a styrofoam cup and throwing it away

    A carburetor problem

    Sawing a solo cup in half

    Screwing or unscrewing a gas cap

    Opening a box with a metal letter opener

    A foot pedal on a treadle sewing machine

    Pushing a CD into a CD player

    Putting a key into the ignition

    Scraping the last bit of mayonnaise from a jar/container

    Loading up a nerf gun

    Turning a radio knob

    Drying your hands on paper towel

    A headset or microphone going into a styrofoam cup

    Pulling out a Chlorox wipe

    Someone crumpling up paper

    Closing mini blinds

    Opening up window blinds

    Using an eraser

    Cutting a plastic box with a pair of scissors

    A mouse eating something

    A retractable dog leash

    A retractable pull cord going in and out

    A buck grunt

    Playing air hockey

    Putting coins in a vending machine

    Putting a CD into a CD player

    The pharmacist pouring pills into the plastic tray and then into the bottle

    Some kind of yoyo

    Winding up an old music box

    Using an electric pencil sharpener

    A record changing in a jukebox

    Sweeping something up in a dustpan and brush

    A floor jack

    Putting a key into a lock and locking it

    A number 2 pencil writing on paper

    Turning up the radio knob

    Plunging a toilet

    Spinning a bingo wheel

    Tightening a ratchet strap

    Spinning a styrofoam or Dixie cup

    Taking a drink from the cooler at the store

    Removing the window tag from a new car

    Using a price gun stamp

    A guinea fowl

    A clock ticking

    Talking to someone on the phone outside when it's windy

    A pocket wrench

    A quarter dropping in a jukebox

    A manual nutcracker

    Putting the lid on a Yeti or Yeti Lite cup

    The gasoline priming bulb on a small engine like a weed whacker

    A cassette tape flipping sides

    ASMR vegetables

    Cleaning out your phone speaker

    Flushing a commode

    Winding up a clock

    Scraping seeds out of a pumpkin

    Putting on a hearing aid

    Putting a bullet in a rifle

    A baby sucking a bottle to the end

    Changing out the cups at McDonald's

    Water going down a shower drain

    Erasing something with a pencil eraser and then putting it back in the cup holder

    Playing the sport curling

    Taking the lid off Christmas popcorn




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