Secret Sound




    This year, we're mixing it up and giving you 2 options to play.

    Option 1 - if you'd like us to call you between 1.30pm and 3pm, use Submission Form 1.

    Option 2 - If you'd like to give us your guess online, scroll down and use Submission Form 2.

    Everyone who plays automatically wins a gift card from Shorty's Donuts!


    The Sound

    We play the Big Money Secret Sound weekday mornings at 7:20 with HOT FM - it's your chance to score big cash! Correctly identify the sound and you win all the money in the jackpot which increases with every incorrect guess!
    Click play above to hear the current Secret Sound. Listen as many times as you need, and if you think you know what it is, enter below for a chance to play and win!
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    SUBMISSION FORM - OPTION 1 - Cliff and Sharon to call you between 1.30pm and 3pm

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    SUBMISSION FORM - OPTION 2 - Online guess


    Incorrect Guesses

    Scraping food off a cutting board

    Ripping open velcro

    Rolling dice

    Shuffling a deck of cards

    Tearing paper

    Ripping packing tape from a flat surface

    Spraying hairspray

    Cutting an apple with a knife

    Running a nail file over your nails

    Tearing the perforation on a W-2

    Tightening a zip tie

    Tearing paper

    A comb running on the edge of a counter

    Peeling the seal from a Pringles can

    Ripping a piece of duct tape from the roll

    Spraying Ready Whip

    Cutting construction paper with scissors


    Using an old time credit card where you run the thingy over the card to get an imprint

    Tearing cardboard

    A stream of water

    Running a knife across a whet rock

    A pencil marking particle board

    Paper in a box fan

    Squirting shaving cream

    Striking a match

    Dialing a rotary phone

    Scraping something on concrete

    Scraping ice from the windshield

    Fiddling with sticky notes

    Flipping through an old ViewFinder toy

    Using a guillotine

    Using a letter opener to open mail

    Opening or closing a zipper

    Scraping something on a tree

    A pop up sensory toy

    Dragging your foot in gravel

    Smashing a bag of chips

    Sharpening a knife

    Ripping tape

    Using a manual typewriter

    Flipping through a rolodex

    Slurping something - like spaghetti or through a straw

    A noisemaker, fidget toy

    Tearing paper off an adding machine

    An eraser on a chalkboard

    Cranking your vehicle

    Cash running through a cash machine

    Shuffling cards

    Pouring ice into a cup

    A motor cycle or 4-wheeler racing

    A waxing job (hair removal)

    Writing on paper with a pencil

    Static from a walkie talkie

    Removing lint filter from the washing machine

    Activating Command strips

    Using sandpaper

    A needle scratching across a record on an old time record player

    Tearing open a bag of charcoal

    Using a washboard - either washing clothes or playing music

    Using a zipper

    Spraying cooking spray

    Static from a TV when they turn off programming

    Ice in a blender

    Cutting an onion

    Cutting paper

    Using an automatic calculator

    Starting a lawn mower

    Flipping through a stack of papers

    A tape measure retracting

    A serrated knife cutting an aluminum can

    Tearing fabric

    Writing on a chalkboard with chalk

    A boat motor when you take off

    Squirting a fire extinguisher

    The end of a water squirter when the air pressure stops and the rest of the water runs out

    Snot (OMG, that's what she said 🤣🤣🤣)

    Opening curtains

    Playing with a kaleidoscope

    Sandpaper being rubbed against something

    An air conditioner coming on

    Licking ice cream or yogurt

    Pulling apart velcro

    Using a putty knife

    An adding machine when you hit the total button

    Spraying deodorant

    Tearing a check out of a checkbook

    Cash coming out of an ATM

    A drill screwing something into the wall

    Someone breaking styrofoam

    A coffee machine, heating water

    Someone ripping paper towel

    Dragging something on gravel

    Blowing into a microphone

    Pulling apart velcro

    The suction thing at the dentist

    Cutting a head of lettuce

    Cutting open a box with a box cutter


    Skateboarding on concrete

    Shuffling cards

    Finishing a drink through a straw

    Spreading mortar or cement onto a brick in bricklaying

    Dropping down mini blinds

    A cutter opening a cardboard box

    Pulling curtains on a metal rod

    Scraping a piece of toast

    Mini blinds going up

    Tearing wax or parchment paper on the metal cutter on the roll

    Pulling velcro apart

    Waves on a beach

    Unrolling a trash bag

    Flipping through pages in a book or stack of papers

    Scrunching a bag

    Using a scraper to scrape drywall mud

    A kiss (awww, gotta love this guess ❤)

    Throwing some loose change on the table

    Pulling back a tape gun to seal a box

    Starting a car engine

    Tearing a check from a check book

    Tearing a piece of foil

    A key going in or out of a lock

    Removing a key from the car ignition

    Tearing the wrapper off biscuits

    Something sizzling in a pan

    Rewinding a VHS tape

    Tearing open a bag of cereal along the perforated line

    Putting your card into the ATM

    Water running as you wash your hands

    Cash being in a bank

    Blowing your nose

    Scraping or cleaning a wire brush

    Turning a pepper grinder

    Ice skates

    Using an electric razor

    Opening a pad

    Striking a match

    Ice skating on a rink

    Opening a present

    Cutting celery

    Wind being blown

    Cutting a head of lettuce

    Turning on hair trimmers

    Raking leaves

    Using an old fashioned straight razor on someone

    Closing a refrigerator door and hearing the seal

    Releasing pressurized air

    A ticket muncher, like at Chuck E Cheese

    Cutting kinetic sand

    Spreading something on toast

    Sharpening a pencil

    Taking a bite from an apple

    Slurping hot soup

    The little metal thingy on a screen door latching as it closes

    A diesel engine running

    Sharpening a chain saw

    An electric razor shaving a beard


    Two pieces of metal scraping together

    Dropping window blinds

    An old movie projector starting up or stopping

    Brushing teeth

    A bobsled sliding on ice

    Money going through a cash counter at the bank

    Sea foam in a can (that you spray around windows)

    An espresso machine making coffee

    Pulling tabs off a diaper

    Opening or closing hedge trimmers

    A paper shredder

    Opening a diaper

    Flushing a toilet

    Someone hissing

    Running a chainsaw

    Curling ribbon with scissors

    An air compressor

    A box cutter on concrete

    A broom sweeping

    Running your hands down mini blinds and the blinds are clicking together

    Cutting floral foam

    Chalk writing on a chalk board

    A cardboard and paper party blower when it's rolling back up

    Brushing your teeth with a toothbrush

    Using a pressure washer

    Running a pen down blinds

    Shaving with a disposable razor

    Zipping up a Ziploc bag

    Running your finger over a keyboard quickly

    The sound of shears when you're getting your hair cut

    Deleting the trash from an Apple computer

    The cut sound from an old Windows computer

    A hard stop on ice skates

    A can opener opening a can

    Feet sliding on carpet

    Slicing an apple

    Flipping through paper before putting it in a copier

    A tape measure retracting

    Ripping off a bandaid

    Tying shoelaces

    An airplane

    Winding a clock

    Shoveling snow off a walkway or driveway

    A suction cup

    Slicing something with an electric knife

    Tearing of cloth

    Flipping quickly through a stack of paper

    A slurp

    Running a shower

    Pulling the adjustment strap on a baseball cap

    Scraping ice or snow off your car

    Stepping on something sticky on the floor

    Your leg sliding against a sheet or blanket

    Cutting wrapping paper, when you let the scissors slide along the paper

    A bendy straw, when you pull it apart

    Recorded audience applause

    Aluminum foil being torn from the roll

    Cards shuffling on computer solitaire

    Noodle slurping, like when you're eating spaghetti

    Pouring something out of a cup or bottle

    A knife going across toast

    Squirting condiments (mustard, ketchup, mayo) from a dispenser

    Scraping ice with an ice pick

    A bag of chips being opened

    Eating chips

    Coming to a stop on snow skis

    A saw blade

    A typewriter starting a new row

    Rolling a pencil on a table

    Shredding paper

    Pulling apart velcro

    A circular saw

    Sharpening a knife on a knife sharpener

    Smashing a tin can

    Gliding scissors through wrapping paper












































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