Texarkana Radio Center the first to bring HD radio to Texarkana airwaves

    Texarkana Radio Center (TRC) is pleased to announce the introduction of Texarkana’s first HD radio stations.

    Texarkana Radio Center (TRC) is pleased to announce the introduction of Texarkana’s first HD radio stations. 

     TRC Chief Engineer, Dominick Pannone, explains the benefits of HD radio technology. “Listeners with HD Radio receive greater access to programming with up to four HD channels. HD is higher quality sound (near cd) and fun features including the ability to pause live radio, tag your favorite songs to get later from iTunes and bookmark your favorite songs. The introduction of HD radio represents a major investment in technology with new transmitters and numerous ancillary equipment to make it all work.”

     In order to make way for the new HD radio services, the programming currently on AM740 (news/talk) will be moved to a more powerful signal at AM940 and will continue to be broadcast from 98.7FM. The AM740 signal in Texarkana has broadcast for more than 60 years from a tower site in Nash, Texas.  When asked about the AM740 signal, TRC Operations Manager John McCoy said that 740 could return to the air from a new state of the art AM facility in the next year.  As of now, TRC will maintain its current line-up of formats and continue to be on the cutting edge of radio technology.

     Texarkana Radio Center which operates 5 radio stations in Texarkana USA (Hot FM at 101.7 and 99.3, Jammin 104.7 KTOY, Hits 105, 107.1 The Fox and News/Talk KTFS) will move the Classic Hits, HITS 105 station to an HD signal as well as its FM services on 105.5 and 105.1. In addition, the group’s Top 40 station 107.1 The Fox will also commence broadcasting on HD as well as continuing on FM.  The HD services will be found on 107.1 FM HD1 and HD2.

     Station Manager Shannon Thompson, commenting on the introduction, says, “We are always looking for ways to provide the best services we can for Texarkana and when no one had introduced HD to the market, we felt Texarkana shouldn’t be left behind other cities so we took the lead.”






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