The first flu-related death for the 2019-2020 in Arkansas.

    The death comes as the ADH reports "sporadic" flu activity across the state with "minimal" intensity.

    The Arkansas Department of Health announced the death this week in a news release. The victim's name, description or where they were from was not released.

    Over 100 people died from the flu during the last flu season in Arkansas and 200 the year before that.

    You can view a weekly flu report fro this season from the ADH by following this link.

    Since September 29th, 482 positive influenza tests have been reported to the ADH online database by health care providers, with over 110 positive tests reported this week. Reported cases reflect only a portion of the actual numbers of flu cases in the state.

    Among flu antigen tests that can distinguish between influenza A and B virus types, 72 percent were influenza A, and 28 percent were influenza B.

    To date, no nursing homes in Arkansas have reported influenza outbreaks.

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