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    #endthestreak politics, and Fattest States Survey

    Not all anniversaries are happy and Nov. 7th is one of the saddest of all. The Texas Department of Transportation is asking everyone to help change that...
    Marcus Sandifer explains, "Since Nov. 7, 2000, at least one person has died on Texas roadways every single day."
    He says texting and driving is one of the leading causes of today's anniversary. Sending out a short "on my way" text is the same as driving blind the length of a football field. For more information go to

    Arkansas voters chose to keep the majority of their incumbents.. and are saying yes to all of their issues. Texas also stayed status quo. Arkansas will be putting forward an amendment requiring voter ID, they've said yes to casino gambling, and yes to Issue 5 to raise the minimum wage. The race with the most competitors - the Fouke Mayoral Race - was won by Mayor Terry Purvis and Laney Harris did not win his bid for the Miller County Justice of the Peace District 2 seat.

    And according to a new study, your love handles aren't divided by what political party you belong to.... The Ark-La-Tex is chunky together. Arkansas, Lousiana, and Texas are all in the top ten now when it comes to obesity. The CDC says the largest group gaining is children and young adults. Lack of physical activity is a leading cause in addition to genetics, emotional instability and sleeplessness.

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