Grim crime scene details in Parker trial

    Yesterday, jurors heard the grim details of the crime scene in the Taylor Parker murder trial.

    Crime scene reconstructionist Marc Sillivan showed that Parker’s attack on Reagan Hancock took place in several areas of the home where Parker beat and stabbed Hancock before the victim bled out in the living room. 

    Further evidence shown to the jury included a bloody hand print on the refrigerator below ultrasounds of Braxlynn, as well as a urine-soaked pull-up diaper on top of a pool of blood next to the couch.  Sillivan testified that the diaper ended up there after the attack. 

    There was also a blood-covered child’s swimsuit in the living room that investigators believe may have been used to clean something.  Blood stains and clumps of Reagan’s hair were found on the sofa, which was also soaked with bodily fluids that Sillivan believes came from Kynlee Hancock. 

    A liquid believed to be amniotic fluid was soaked into a blanket found near Reagan’s body. 

    Indentations in Hancock’s head matched a four-pound jar of pink and blue sand from the Hancocks’ wedding.  The jar, monogrammed with an “H”, was found nearby, as well as a second jar which was also spattered with blood. 

    Hancock was sliced open from hip to hip before her uterus was removed and cut open.  Investigators found numerous defensive wounds on Hancock’s hands and arms.

    The jury also heard from Dr. Melina Flores, the Dallas County Medical Examiner who performed the autopsy on Hancock, who testified that there were more than 100 lacerations on Hancock’s body with many around her head and scalp.  Hancock’s skull had five distinct fractures that matched both a claw hammer and the bottom of a mason jar.  A scalpel was buried in her neck.

    Flores’ testimony caused Judge John Tidwell to temporarily remove the jury from the courtroom.  Parker was then escorted from the court room, covering her face from cameras as she left.  She returned with red eyes almost 20 minutes later.

    Flores finished her testimony with her findings that Reagan died as a result of both sharp and blunt force injuries, noting that ligature strangulation was also a contributing factor.

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