Parker jury hears from McCurtain County Medical Hospital staff

    Day nine of the Taylor Parker murder trial brought testimony from the staff at McCurtain County Medical Hospital.

    The testimony was interspersed with photos of the bruises and blood on Parker’s hands when she was examined following her traffic stop the morning of the murder of Reagan Hancock.  The medical staff were able to determine that Parker hadn’t just given birth on her way to the hospital. 

    Parker was thoroughly examined by the personnel at the hospital, including receiving an ultrasound and vaginal exam. 

    Dr. William Herron testified that, during the exam, he found small traces of blood, not consistent with a mother who has just given birth.  Staff described Parker as “stoic” during the exam, showing no emotion. 

    Hospital personnel also called for blood work on Parker to test for hCG, the pregnancy hormone, which can show up over a month after delivery of a baby.  None was found. 

    Dr. Herron testified that he got a referral to send the infant to Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, but weather conditions meant that it would take hours to arrive.  At that point, Braxlynn only had a pulse because of medical assistance.

    They would make the difficult decision to stop life-saving procedures on the baby, after determining that she had likely suffered a significant amount of brain damage due to lack of oxygen.  Braxlynn Sage Hancock was pronounced dead at 1:22 p.m.  She weighed 7 pounds and was 18.75 inches long which Dr. Herron said would have made her viable.

    Jurors also heard from the officer who booked Parker into jail, cataloguing the injuries to her hands and face.

    Detective Kevin Burkleo used geolocation to track Parker’s cellphone movements leading up to the murder.  Burkleo showed the jury that Parker’s search history showed an increase in activity related to pregnancy including OB/GYN clinics which her phone showed her visiting in the days leading up to the murder. 

    Burkleo also showed the jury the route that Parker’s phone, as well as the phone belonging to Reagan Hancock, took on the morning of the murder.  The two phones left the Austin Street crime scene around 9:14 a.m.  Hancock’s phone was never recovered, but investigators are able to see records of numbers that contacted the phone. 

    Reagan’s phone made contact with another at 9:26 that morning, well after the time of the murder.  Prior to that, the phone had been in contact with a number from a spoofing app at 7:52 a.m., just before Parker entered that Hancock home.


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