Rotary Clubs hold installation of officers Tuesday at Silver Moon

    The Rotary Clubs for District 5830 held their installation of club officers on June 28 at Silver Moon on Broad.

    District 5830 includes Atlanta, Texarkana International, Texarkana Oaklawn, Texarkana Sunrise, West Bowie County, and Wilbur Smith Rotary Clubs.  Officers were sworn in by Past District Governor Carroll Greenwaldt.

    Officers with each club include:


    Wilbur Smith RC

    President – Colin Taylor

    President Elect – Brian Matthews

    President Nominee – Manuel Western

    Immediate Past President – Matt Fry

    Treasurer – Glen Wile

    Executive Secretary – Traci Morgason

    Secretary – Jennifer Strayhorn

    Rotary Foundation Chair – Tony Williams

    Membership Chair – Brian Matthews

    RYLA Chair – Andi Darby

    Flag Guru – David Mims

    Community Service – David Vershaw

    Club Service – Richard Reynolds


    Atlanta RC

    President – Fern Porter

    Immediate Past President – Anton Ciomperlik

    Treasurer – Tom Crow

    Secretary – Jerry Porter

    Rotary Foundation Chair – Jerry Porter

    Membership Chair – Tammy Davenport

    Public Image Chair – Kate Stow

    RYLA Chair – Curt Bates

    Community Service – Marv Weems


    West Bowie RC

    President – Cade Mayo

    President Elect – Jeff Addison

    Immediate Past President – Kevin Cauley

    Treasurer – Robin Dalby

    Secretary – Kelle Smallwood

    Rotary Foundation Cahir – Kevin Cauley

    Membership Chair – Brandon Lloyd

    RYLA Chair – Chris Fountain

    Public Image Chair – Kevin Cauley


    Sunrise RC

    President – Jennifer Cannon

    Immediate Past President – Landon Forbes

    Treasurer – Shirley Pinnix-Evans

    Executive Secretary – Jimmy Norwood

    Secretary – Lonna Johnson

    Rotary Foundation Chair – Mary Wormington

    Membership Chair – Mary Wormington

    RYLA Chair – Doug Bowers

    Public Image Chair – Landon Forbes

    Community Service – Ralph Waits


    Oaklawn RC

    President – Russell Sparks

    Immediate Past President – Mark Luckett

    Treasurer – Carolyn Wilder

    Secretary – Leigh Davis

    Rotary Foundation Chair – Becky Easley


    Texarkana International RC

    President – Sil Gomez

    Immediate Past President – Sil Gomez

    Vice President – Jennifer Futrell

    Treasurer – Robert Jones

    Secretary – Sundee Braley

    Rotary Foundation Chair – Melva Flowers

    Membership Chair – Fay J Durrant

    RYLA Chair – Thelma Sims

    Fund Raising – Melvin Fagan

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