Trio sentenced for ATM thefts

    A group of men have received federal prison sentences for their involvement in a pair of ATM thefts from 2021.

    33-year-old Marvin Collins, 23-year-old Aqunis Green, and 21-year-old Antonio Foster conspired to rob an ATM at the Texar Federal Credit Union on Gibson Lane in late January of 2021. The trio stole a pickup and broke open the ATM, stealing over $127,000 from inside. A week later, in early February, the trio struck again. This time, they stole a pickup and targeted a Texar ATM on West 7th in Wake Village, making off with over $10,000. The damage done to each ATM was estimated at $60,000. Collins received 29 months in federal prison and will have to pay $257,789 in restitution. Green received 46 months in prison and Foster received 21 months. Green and Foster each owe $70,324 in restitution.

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